Huzhou Fanglu Tea Co.,Ltd.

Huzhou Fanglu Tea Co., LTD., is 1 of the leading Factory of Tea , Instant Tea , Matcha , Extract from China.Company annual cumulative shipping lines remain above $100 million, 15000 tons of products. The largest in international co-partnership cooperate with the International brands. Perhaps you have used in the daily consumption of our products.

Fanglu stands for “Find a natural, green, luxuriant unit”. This is Fanglu`s aim. As Fanglu continues to grow rapidly, we always hold in mind its original aim: to find and produce the product complexes of natural, green and variety.


Leaf Tea Series

Black Tea,CTC,Green Tea,White Tea,Oolong Tea,Jasmine tea and Chrysanthemum tea...

Instant Tea Series

Instant Black Tea,Instant Green Tea,Instant White Tea and Decaff. Instant Tea...


Matcha and Organic Matcha,for bakery,ice cream,beverage...

Tea Polyphenols

Tea Polyphenols 50/80/90/95/98/99,Catechin,EGCG

Herbal Extracts

Chrysanthemum Extract,Ginsen Extract,Ginger Extract,Rose Extract,Grass Jelly Extract,MulBerry Extract and Hibiscus Extract...


Tea bag,Vacuum Packaging,Can and Box...